Load your image, or do a test print:

What size paper are you about to print on?

8.27" x 11.69"21.0cm x 29.7cm
8.5" x 11.0"21.6cm x 27.9cm


Print a test image the same size as the image you want to print, and then refer to the table below.

Problem Solution
One corner square smaller than the other

Your printer hasn't printed all the way to the edge of the paper.

  • Set your printer to 'borderless printing'.
  • Your printer may only support this for certain paper types e.g photographic paper.
  • If your printer doesn't have this feature, a good solution is to choose a frame that has a small overlap which will conceal the unprinted area.
Corner square reaches edge of the paper only on one side, not on the other

The paper has gone through the printer at the wrong angle.

  • Adjust the paper guide within your printer to that it grips the edge of the paper lightly.
  • Not so tight that it squeezes and bends the paper.
Test colors look wrong or faded

You have run out of ink

  • The colors should be Cyan (bluey-green), Magenta (pink), Yellow and Black.
  • If your printer uses multiple color cartridges, you may have to only replace one if your printer display tells you which.